JLG 4045R 40′ Narrow Electric Scissor

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Key Specs

  • Machine Width: 3 ft 9 in. / 1.14 m
  • Working Height: 45 ft 3 in. / 13.79 m

Key Features

  • Narrow 45 in. Width - One of the narrowest widths in its class allows for use in warehouse and distribution center aisles
  • Simplified, Reliable Design - Simple pothole protection system has fewer moving parts to reduce service calls
  • Built Rugged for Rental - An all-steel platform and steel component trays allow it to meet the demands of the toughest job sites

Platform height : 11.97m Indoor/8.8m OutDoor
Working Height : 13.97m Indoor/10.8m OutDoor
Machine Weight : 3175kg
Lift Capacity : 350kg Indoor/250kg OutDoor
Machine Length : 2.71m
Machine Width : 1.143m
Stowed Height : 1.9m

Melbourne Equipment Rental 45' Electric Scissor

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